What I Do

I provide individual support to parents as they navigate current parenting challenges; give them the practical tools they need to raise happy and successful children; help them learn how to support their children if they are struggling; guide them as they identify their core family values; and encourage them to make parenting decisions based on their long-term vision for their children.

I help parents understand what characteristics lead to lifelong success and happiness and the power they have to develop or hinder those traits in their children. 

I educate parents on how to raise strong and resilient kids in an ever-escalating, often unhealthy competitive environment.  I illustrate to parents how having the courage to resist overparenting today is in the best interests of their children tomorrow.

I show parents the rewards of parenting with confidence and purpose according to their own goals and values.

I Can Help You If...

You struggle with any of the following daily issues or larger questions:

I don’t want to overschedule or push my child, but I worry that he will fall behind all the other kids. 
Childhood seems different now than when I was young - these kids have so many more activities and so much more pressure.  Life is just busier now for families than it used to be.
I didn’t expect homework to be such a fight but it feels like a daily battle. 
Transitions are a major struggle for my child.
I would like to take a step back and think about the adult I want my child to become.
I don't want my child to fail or to feel bad about herself but I want her to be resilient.  How much should I protect her from frustration and disappointment?
Mornings are chaos in our house - everyone is tired, stressed and rushing.  How can we get our days off to a better start?
I used to be so close to my child, but now that she's a teenager, I feel like I barely know her and we argue all the time. 
My child seems to whine or pitch a fit whenever he doesn’t get his way.
My child struggles with anxiety, ADHD or other issues.  How can I best help her? 
My child seems to need reminders or help with everything, from getting dressed to cleaning up to doing homework.  Why isn’t he more responsible?
My kids fight all the time.  How can I make our house more peaceful?
I don’t want my child to be spoiled, but sometimes it’s just easier to give in than to say no.
I want my child to get into a good college, so I feel like I have to start thinking about it now to make sure she has enough accomplishments to stand out.
My kids don't seem to listen to me at all, and I hate having to repeat myself.  How can I stop the nagging? 
My partner and I struggle to agree on how to parent consistently.
I wonder what school will be the right fit for my child and when the best time is to make a change. 
I want to make sure my child is always challenged enough and reaching his full potential.
I just wish parenting were more fun and less stressful!! 


Message from Heather 

Happiness and success – however you define it – are the goals all parents have for their children.  But few people take the time to discuss what this will look like for their child long-term.  If you don’t know where you are trying to go with your parenting, you can easily get blown off course by the prevailing winds of our culture, so much of which is counter to the development of healthy, happy, truly successful adolescents and adults.  

We work so hard to provide our children with all the tools, advantages, and opportunities for success, but one of the best ways to help our children succeed is to get the information and support we need as parents.

All parents love their children and want what is best for them.  But parenting is a complicated endeavor, with different ages and stages bringing new challenges and questions.  Pressure from our fast-paced, stress-filled, achievement-driven society makes it harder than ever to know what is best for our children.  Conventional wisdom is often opposite what psychologists know supports healthy child development. Understanding key elements of human behavior eases much of this pressure. 

Every family’s journey is different.  We are complex compilations of genetics and life experiences.  Our own histories deeply shape what we value and how we parent but it can be hard for us to become aware of our influences.  By working together to solve your immediate parenting concerns and by uncovering your parenting goals, values, and hopes, we can use the wealth of psychological research on behavior and child development to create a plan unique to your family. Your personal road map will guide your parenting now and throughout your child's years at home.  It will greatly simplify the thousands of decisions you will make on behalf of your child.  Having strategies to support your child’s growth and maturation will make parenting easier in the short run, and far more rewarding in the long run.  It is never too late to make changes!

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