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Dr. Heather Tedesco

Parenting Expert  |  Psychologist  |  Speaker  |  Author
About Heather

Heather Tedesco, PhD, is a licensed Applied Psychologist with a PhD in Social Psychology.  In her private practice she works exclusively with parents to help them raise kids who can thrive while making parenting less stressful, more effective, and more enjoyable. Her specialty is simplifying the science into strategies parents can use right away and giving parents clarity and confidence in what to do and how to do it. She is the go-to parenting resource for many leading medical and mental health practitioners, co-author of Raising a Kid Who Can and is a sought-after speaker for schools, community organizations, and businesses.

Heather Tedesco - Raising a Kid Who Can
Message from Heather

Happiness and success – however you personally define it – are the goals all parents have for their children. But it’s hard to know what to prioritize and to take the time to consider what this will look like for a child long-term. If you don’t know where you are trying to go with your parenting, you can easily get blown off course by the prevailing winds of our culture, so much of which is counter to the development of emotionally strong, adaptable, and resilient adolescents and adults.

We work so hard to provide our children with all the tools, advantages, and opportunities, but one of the best ways to help our children is to get the information and support we need as parents.

All parents love their children and want what is best for them. But parenting is a complicated endeavor, with different ages and stages bringing new challenges and questions. Pressure from our fast-paced, quick-changing, stress-filled, achievement-driven society makes it hard to know what is best for our kids. Conventional wisdom is often contradictory to what research shows supports healthy child development. Understanding key findings from psychology eases much of this pressure.

Every family’s journey is different. We are complex compilations of genetics and life experiences. Our own histories deeply shape what we value and how we parent but it can be hard for us to become aware of our influences. By working together to solve your immediate parenting concerns and by uncovering your parenting goals, values, and hopes, we can use the wealth of psychological research on emotions, behavior and child development to guide your parenting now and throughout your child's years at home. It will greatly simplify the thousands of decisions you will make on behalf of your child. Having strategies to support your child’s growth and maturation will make parenting easier in the short run, and far more rewarding in the long run. It is never too late to make changes!


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