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Speaking Engagements

Talks, workshops, and trainings on timely and timeless parenting topics

for schools, community organizations, conferences, and businesses.

Heather is a sought-after speaker known for her ability to provide highly engaging talks packed with science and practical strategies, leaving audiences informed, encouraged, and inspired.

Talks range from modern day parenting challenges such as technology use, anxiety and stress, and the pressure on parents to timeless topics such as independence, motivation, resilience, and effective communication.


Heather Tedesco ABC News Raising a Kid Who Can

To inquire about booking a speaking engagement, please contact Heather. Below are some of Heather's most popular talks and a partial list of prior engagements.

Signature Talks
The Ten Essentials
for Parenting

Dr. Tedesco has spent years distilling the latest parenting science and best practices to answer the complex question: Based on all that modern science has to offer, what are the most important things I should try to do in raising my kid?

Building from the book Raising a Kid Who Can, a novel reinvention of the parenting book into one that is grounded in the latest science and packed with eminently actionable advice and strategies, Dr. Tedesco will discuss the ten essential things that every child needs to thrive.  She will give parents the confidence and tools to tackle modern kid struggles, such as how to help your child be independent and motivated, what works (and what doesn’t!) when your child is anxious, upset or frustrated, how to approach technology, and how to prepare your kids for a lifetime of adaptability.

Life is full of change and uncertainty, and it’s crucial that today’s kids are able to adjust, recalibrate and manage everyday challenges with confidence and composure. But how do we ensure that our kids can roll with the inevitable punches of daily life?

Building from the new parenting book Raising a Kid Who Can and the opinion piece in Time magazine, Dr. Tedesco will boil down the skills kids need to become adaptable, resilient, and well-equipped to navigate a complex world.

Science-Based Strategies for Raising an Adaptable Kid
Popular Talks


Heather speaks at venues ranging from large scale conferences to more intimate small groups and crafts each talk to meet the specific needs of the audience and community.

Heather frequently speaks to groups of parents, students, educators, executives, and administrators on a wide variety of parenting topics. The following is a sample of some of the hundreds of schools, conferences, community organizations and Fortune 500 companies where Heather has presented or led trainings and workshops. The audiences range from small groups (usually administrators, educators, or business leaders) to parents from an entire K-12 school system or community.

  • The Safe Community Coalition *

  • Fairfax County Public Schools (VA) *

  • The Advisory Board Company *

  • Parents Council of Washington * (representing 52 Washington DC private schools)

  • Student Support and Wellness Professionals Alliance

  • The Potomac School (VA) *

  • Virginia Beach Public Schools *

  • Arlington Public Schools (VA) *

  • Brevard County Public Schools (FL)

  • The Lab School (DC)

  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MD) *

  • The Derby Academy (MA)

  • Nysmith School for the Gifted (VA) *

  • James Madison University Women for Madison Summit

  • Mid-Atlantic Episcopal School Association Early Childhood Teachers Conference

  • Virginia Hospital Center

  • FCPS Community Conversation on Teen Stress Conference *

  • Josh Anderson Foundation Teen-to-Teen Mental Health Summit *

  • Capitol Hill Day School (DC) *

  • The Study Pro

  • Flint Hill School (VA) *

  • The Langley School (VA) *

  • Sandy Spring Friends School (MD)

  • Montessori School of McLean *

  • Brooksfield Montessori School

  • Montessori School of Northern Virginia *

  • The Country Day School (VA) *

* denotes repeat speaking engagements

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