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Heather and her co-authors Dr. Catherine McCarthy and Jennifer Weaver, LCSW have written Raising a Kid Who Can: Simple Strategies to Build a Lifetime of Adaptability and Emotional Strength (Publication Date: September 12, 2023), a refreshingly new approach to parenting that presents 10 essential principles for raising emotionally strong and resilient children. This must-have playbook provides parents with all of the tools they need to navigate a complex world and help their kids move from anxious to adaptable.

Through their combined seventy-plus years of experience working with tens of thousands of families, the authors have found that separating the WHAT and WHY from the HOW is the most effective strategy, allowing parents to choose for themselves how much and what type of information they want. They’ve organized this book accordingly, with the WHY (is this essential) and the WHAT (does the science say) separated from the HOW (to encourage this essential in your kid effectively).

The book is a novel reinvention of the typical parenting book and a singular resource that offers timeless parenting truths. Carefully curated, high quality information is presented in clear, short sections with playful illustrations to keep it engaging.

Raising A Kid Who Can gives parents the unparalleled opportunity to sit with a doctor, a psychologist, and a child therapist and ask: “Based on all that modern science has to offer, what are the most important things I should try to do in raising my kid?” The authors know what matters, they know what works, and they know how to explain it to parents so they can do it.  It’s time to parent smarter, not harder.

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Heather is available for speaking engagements and book signings for Raising A Kid Who Can.  Please contact Heather for more information.

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